Dear Home Office Tarot,

It’s easy. Put your feet on the ground, tune in, ask yourself a question, and draw a card. Read the accompanying text and reflect on it. Is this card true for you?

Many people draw a card in the morning to set the intention for a new day working from home. Draw a card if you’re trying to figure out why something happened. Worries, burning questions, not sure how to handle a situation? Let the serendipitous wisdom of the deck guide you! Inspiration, motivation, procrastination – we’re here for you.

You don’t have to believe in tarot for it to be useful to you. It is always worthwhile to tune in and reflect. Whether you take it seriously or draw cards for your sheer amusement, it’s all good.

Home Office Tarot was created especially for homeworkers in time of Corona. It is nothing like traditional tarot. You will find no wands, no cups, no swords, and no pentacles. However, like any other tarot deck, Home Office Tarot works with archetypes and the great power that is your intuition.

Try reading between the lines. Or maybe the card you drew involves someone close to you. Also: you are a free person. Free to draw a new card.

Read our about section and let us enlighten you!